By the grace of gods

I am amazed. I’ll be sharing a clubhouse with Kaell Elessedil. Yes, *that* Kaell. The Immortal. My idol.

I was part of the welcoming delegation when he was signed. As soon as I heard the rumor, I pressured Martin into letting me be a part of history.

It’s a funny thing about idols. It turns out that he’s a regular guy. That what made him this mythic figure was me. My thoughts, my admiration. Oh, I don’t mean he isn’t good or won’t be a HOFer someday. Or that I coined the moniker “Immortal”. What I’m trying to express is that I had this concept in my head. Of what the ideal pitcher was like, and I attached it to Kaell.

So now we’ll be teammates and I’ll get to watch his work every fifth day. And I’ll get to show off for him too. I am excited, honored, humbled and, most of all, amazed.


Why I extended. This happened before Kaell even declared as a FA, so he’s not the reason. What it is, is I’m tired of running around like a tramp. I want some amount of stability. Not constriction….I want to keep all avenues open. But I moved twice last year. While the teams involved tried to make it as smooth as possible, they say two moves is like a fire. There is stress involved and you can’t really escape it.

Also, I think Martin is underrated sometimes as a manager. It’s not that he gets no credit or anything, but everyone always talks about Las Vegas. And people seem to forget the cesspit that the Threshers were when he took over.

Furthermore, there is an offense here. I don’t mean to question any of the other teams I’ve pitched for, but here I expect to get W’s.

Last, but most important. This is an awesome clubhouse. There’s no hostility or enmity amongst the players. I hesitate to use the word “family” because that has become a cliche. But we are close.-knit. We get along with each other and we back each other on and off the field.

They call Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love and that’s fitting.

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