Well, last week, I had no idea where I’d be.  This week, I do know.  New Orleans.  I’m a River Bandit.   And I’d like to smile and tell everyone how happy I am, but the truth is, I feel numb.  I honestly didn’t care where I would be pitching so long as I could toe the rubber every fifth day and the catcher and I could go over the hitters and the signs.

I am a pitcher.  It is an integral part of my identity.  It is not something I do because I get paid–it is something that I do for love.   I love the feel of winding up and letting fly.  I love the mental game of throwing what the hitter is not expecting.  And the physical game of powering the fastball right by a great hitter who’s looking for it.

Oh, okay, that is somewhat exaggerated.  I do care where I am.  Because I like winning games.  I like have a good offense supporting me at the plate and a good defense surrounding me in the field.  It really is a team game.  And if you’re going to win as a pitcher, you have to win as a team.

The Crescent City isn’t a bad place to play ball.  And I’ve played for Skip before in Nashville.  Give me another week to wind down and I’ll tell you I’m enjoying it.  But right now, I’m too mentally fatigued to look beyond my love for pitching.


I wrote a little something for my former GM to the tune of  “Another One Bites the Dust”

Duke logs onto the EPL
His in-box overflows
You know that nothin’ is goin’ well
For Chandler or for Rose.
Time is passing, yeah it’s goin’ by
Duke needs to get something done
The offers all get ignored
Cuz he’s waitin’ for a better one…. oh yeah

Another team’s bid ignored
Another team’s bid ignored
And another PM and another IM
And another team’s bid ignored
Hey, has he replied to you?
Another team’s bid ignored…..

How do you think the players feel
About this waiting game
They keep hearing rumors about a deal
It’s driving them insane
Is he open? is he ready to trade?
Or are the players gonna stay?
He seems to ignore all bids
There’s gotta be a better way. … uh huh


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