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If you don’t want to read about medical matters, or about me, then STOP RIGHT NOW and click here and have a party.

My face hurts. Well, the left side of my face anyway. I was able to walk off the field with a bloody towel over half my face. I guess when my cheekbone went, it knocked loose something in my nose. They rushed me to a hospital (that sounds like a cliche, but they thought I might have a concussion). At the hospital, they x-rayed me and I had to sign all kinds of paperwork. The team can sign off on payment, but I have to sign off on consent to be treated. And I had to consent to an IV, consent to the x-rays, consent to the surgery …

I didn’t mention the surgery. it was knock-you-out-with-an-IV surgery. I woke up with stitches in my eyelid and my gums above my back teeth but my face didn’t look squashed anymore, only swollen. They had to put two screws in. Because of the stitches in my mouth, I have to be careful of what I eat for the next two weeks or so. The stitches in my eyelid will come out sooner, but the mouth stitches are the dissolving kind.

Had that ball hit me a fraction of an inch higher, I might not be here. Or I might have been blinded. But it didn’t break my eye socket, thankfully. When something like this happens to you, you have to count your blessings. I’m alive and I can see. I didn’t sustain a concussion (I was told it was because I didn’t compound matters by thwacking my head on the ground). I have insurance and I should be able to pitch again in a few weeks. Sure, I’ll have pain for longer than that — bones don’t have the best blood supply because of their density so they heal slower.


Yeah, I made those videos to try to keep the guys here. Thornhammer was already on his way out the door. I don’t know if I made an impression on the others. I know at least one was in a wait and see if we make the post-season. And I may have just taken the post-season chances with me, as it could go down to the last few games. But you have to count your blessings. Some philosopher said that that which doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. And I’m not dead.

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