And then …

I’m human after all.  Well, I knew it all the time but it’s tough to put into words.  I knew that I’d come back down to earth but didn’t want to say aything because I was doing so well.  Except in an interview, my agent said, “Rose is riding an eleven game streak” and then followed that up with a statement that now she’d said it out loud, it was broken.  Yup, my streak ended then and while I’m not blaming her, well, you need to watch what you say.

The thing about streaks is they end.  That sounds trite, but it’s true.  While you can look at a streak as a coin-toss-type does he or doesn’t he, the truth is there’s a human element involved.  And whether it’s pressure or fatigue, the human element will end the streak at some point.

If it were a coin toss, the chances of continuting the streak would diminish in a precise mathematical sequence.  They would approach zero but never achieve it.   In truth, that’s a lot like Zeno’s proof that Achilles won’t overtake the tortoise.   It will happen even if you can wave numbers around that say it doesn’t have to.

Now onto more seriuos matters.   My GM is AWOL.  I miean he is missing in inaction.   No big trades for Florida at the deadlie, no adjustments to the rotation at the break.   I don’t know what is going on but I don’t like it.   And what’s worse is that I may have chased him off.   Oh, not delibereately, but my little accident was tough on the front office.  I’m one of the high-profile team members and while eveyone knew going in that I suffer with anxiety, having your ace OD on a prescription drug, flat-out looks bad.

And speaking of looking bad,  Sportseed has pulled all of my TV and net ads.  There are still couples asking after me, but they say they can’t accept any new samples, either.   The representative met with my agent so I’m not really certain of how it all went down but the point is, when you’re that screwed up, people want to distance themselves from you.

And then … it’s a lot like starting over.   Hi, I’m Ryan, welcome to my blog.

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