Free Agency – Update Last – Whiskers

I may very well have pissed off half the league….I might not even bother with free agency in the future. Yes, it’s flattering to get attention but I always end up pissing someone off. I guess that’s why God invented agents.

It’s not that I even go about setting out to cause trouble. It’s just that I seem to be a trouble magnet. What got the ball rolling is that I posted in here that I’d gotten an e-mail from a club whose GM referred to me as a “true ace” which doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.

It was made into a big deal. At some point, I said “jump” and he said, “how high?” And there you have it. When I left names out, the people who I thought needed to know would all be able to go, yeah, I know who you mean, but the rest of the league wouldn’t have to know other than some other GM. But, well, you saw what happened in the media.

It turns out that both of these have their roots in the same place. GMs will say whatever they think will make you want to sign with them. Suuuuure, I’m the true of that franchise. That’s the EPL equivalent of I’ll respect you in the morning. Suuuuure the GM will quit the league if he doesn’t sign a big name free agent *like me*. That’s the EPL equivalent of “I’m going to kill myself if you won’t give me a pity fuck.”

Now, I’m sure the controversy is going in some minds again. Really though, from here there are two parts. A) Was it okay to let people know that Volde….er He Who Must Not Be Named said I was his true ace? I have to say yes. What he objected to was that I shared private e-mail. Um, if you don’t want the idea of Ryan Rose being a “true ace” being spread across cyberspace, maybe you don’t want to be saying it. Probably because you don’t *mean* it and probably because you say it to *all* the fA pitchers.

And B) Was it okay to tell the league that GMs are trying to guilt me into signing with them? People were more upset about the way I told people than by what I said. That tells me something too. *Many* GMs probably tell any and all free agents that they’re “big names” and many of them try this tack on other people too.


Back to the beginning. I’m a Catfish now. The blue is beautiful, the coral, not so much so. But remember what I said about GMs in the above paragraph…well, there were three who were not pressuring me to sign. Wichita (obviously), Corpus, and Florida. Florida said specifically to my agent that we could take “as much time as we need”. The other two didn’t phrase it like that but it was a mutual understanding.

And while Thunder and I don’t share a clubhouse, we’re in the same division so I look forward to a lot of head-to-head as well as leaderboard competition.

This should be an interesting year for the ‘Fish. They had a surprisingly strong season last year and now Luebke is bringing in the pieces he needs to build a contender. But so did Bakic bring in pieces. That’s why they play the games, guys, thats why they play the game.

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