Free Agency – Update Five – He Said, She Said

They say that any press is good press so I’ve been getting some good press recently. People are talking about me and where I’ll sign and whether my part-ownership of the Twisters somehow threatens the integrity of the league.

I’ve been quoted as saying contradictory things to different people. Turns out they’re all true in different frameworks. For example, I said I needed to bring a pitcher in to Wichita, even if it were me. That I would need to see who went where to know if that was going to happen. I *also* said I did not want to go to Wichita (which annoyed TJ–he worked hard on an awesome offer), but I tried to clarify … if we promised a top-notch pitcher to JT, and if we can’t get someone else, then I would be willing to sign. I did not want that as a first option. I think it was heard as “Wichita is the last team I’d play for” and that is very far from what I’d meant.

I’ve also heard “If this FA signs with Wichita, Rose will sign with *that* team.” I was there, for some reason, when this all happened and nowhere were promises made about If a then b. I did say if we signed a pitcher in Wichita that I’d be free to consider other offers that I may not otherwise consider.

Here’s the thing though. I talked to our recently extended catcher in Wichita and he said that he understood where ownership was coming from but that, no, it didn’t violate any covenant we had with him for Rose to go off and sign with whomever even if another pitcher wasn’t found.

This was relatively recent and not necessarily something I wanted to share. I mean, it gives me an excuse if I don’t want to pitch for someone to say that I’m going to Wichita. To my mind, it’s more polite than telling them their offer sucked or that they sucked for not sending an offer when they said they would. Or for acting unprofessionally toward my agent. Some people it would just suck to play for and maybe I don’t want to out and out say that.

And while we’re on the theme of suckage. 3 different GMs told me “super duper double secretly” that they are thinking about quitting if I don’t join their team. Now, the old me, prior to my association with Dr. White, would have me signing with one of them (probably the first one whose name I promised would never grace this blog again). But the new me doesn’t hold with this crap. The league will go on. And isn’t this collusion? GMs telling each other I’m more likely to sign if they threaten to quit.

Anyway, I looked at actual offers and discussed details and came up with some understandings.

Short list, in alphabetical order.

Corpus – good understanding of the incentive issue
Florida – variety of incentives and the mobile device thingie
Philly – Jeremy Martin knows why his name was crossed off this list.

Two names not on the list are those of people who had expressed interest in 1-year deals but who never communicated to me what they were trying to accomplish. If their goal was to annoy me then they may have achieved it.

Las Vegas
New York

They always show up together, within seconds of one another, asking me about a 1 year deal and when I ask for an actual firm offer they shy away. My guess is they’re working for Guido and are just trying to harass me. Whatever. If someone quits because I don’t sign a 1-year deal I haven’t even seen, then it’s probably not a loss to the league.

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