Free Agency – Update Four – What’s in a name?

…That which we call Ryan Rose, by any other name would smell of sweat.

And that’s the extent of my Shakespearean knowledge. Well, not quite true, I learned a song about Hamlet in high school English class.

Today I ask the question because that’s part of the puzzle. What name do I want to be? I know I won’t be a Bull or several other things, but what will I be? I think the only teams with baseball names I don’t like are already crossed off the list. And I’m not going to enumerate them because if you’re looking at this, you can read.

Corpus Christi
Las Vegas
Myrtle Beach
New Jersey
New York
San Francisco

Chandler in CC made a comment about my comment about Wichita having the best clause ever. It concerned the likelihood that I’d sign with someone making a lower offer than he was. Newsflash, it’s not about the money.

I talked to Luebke in Florida and was impressed by his professionalism and by a few of the things he said.

Las Vegas referred to my agent as “pookie” and I guess if that’s the level of professionalism he brings to the table then maybe I don’t want to be a part of that organization. I’ll give him another chance though.

New York expressed interest in a one-year “trial run” But no firm offer so maybe that’s just bravado.

Philadelphia has been around but not really communicative since their offer And I have history with the GM that leads me to believe there’s a similar situation there to Vegas. He just doesn’t out-and-out disrespect me with overly-familiar false endearments.

Wichita may have the best clause ever but they have little money. I’d rather see some particular one else sign there but it’s not happening and whatever else, the reason I’m indebted to the bank is that I borrowed money to finance the purchase of the Twisters. I invested $8M in them last season. And once I dig myself out of my little hole, I’ll be putting in more.

I may have negative cashflow right this instant but I have a revenue stream that will fi it. I’ll be concentrating on than instead of my pitching so don’t look to see much improvement during the off-season.

When I say people don’t get the money thing, I mean they don’t get it. I have guys offering me $10-15M dollars and that’s nice and flattering amount wise in the “higher offer=higher esteem” kinda way, but it’s more than I need and I have never been the kind of guy to hoard money in my account.

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