Free Agency – Update Three – Let me hear it

Corpus Christi
Las Vegas
Myrtle Beach
New Jersey
New York
San Francisco

Well, it’s a new year, a new season and I’ve got actual offers in hand from a couple of teams. One team at a time, in alphabetical order.

Chandler, the GM of Corpus seems to really have a grasp of the incentive thing. It’s not about the money, it’s about the kudos. And he’s found a way to offer me what I want in a way that wouldn’t look too bad on his balance sheet. Which in turn means he would be able to use that money that isn’t going into my pocket to do things for the team. There are other things, too, but that’s the main thing that impressed me. I still have a few things I’d like to discuss with him, but it looks pretty good.

I have to say that I was also impressed with the offer from Florida. I don’t think I can describe adequately the breadth of incentives Luebke offered me. I have said that I want every incentive appropriate for a pitcher and he lists some I’d never heard of. That’s impressive in a way, but on the other hand, I question how he would be able to afford all of that. And there’s an issue of who would do the bookkeeping on it. So I need to get together with him and clarify a few things.


Talked to Vegas (again), NY and Philly (again). Corpus sent me a revised offer and Philly sent me an initial offer.

I heard a rumor that everyone just assumes I’m going to Corpus. Now, I do have a good relationship with their front office, but nothing is decided yet, in any direction. Assuming that it’s a real rumor. Because the second half of “Rumor is you’re going to sign with CC anyway…” is ” … so prove them wrong and sign with me.” Um, yeah, that is not a compelling reason.

Corpus has offered to do billboards for me to commemorate special accomplishments as well as my ordinary goodness. Putting my picture out there is kinda cool and is one of those non-money things that I love so much. There are other cool non-monetary things. I am still amazed with his answer to my incentive demands.

And everyone knows about the soap.

Florida agree to meet with me today so I think I can get some of my questions answered and confusion clarified.

And I got an offer from Philly with a base salary that leads me to wonder how he feeds his kids. And whether there will be enough in the coffers come incentive time to give me what’s due. He doesn’t “get” it. The team/GM will help me with media relations so as to maximize my exposure. And media coverage is important to help land those endorsement deals. One of the issues I’ve had in the past is getting someone who will work with me and discuss my progress on an ongoing bases. This is where media begins … discovering things to say about me.

I think LV and NY don’t know what to make of my wanting incentives, though I thought I heard a gleeful cry of “League Minimum!!!” from the Gladiators office so I know they got the salary half right in their minds. Maybe they miss some of the subtlety but the overall idea is that a large salary doesn’t impress me so much as the incentive side of things.

That’s approximately alphabetical order. I’m trying to keep this fair. I seriously am waiting for someone to understand me and my needs instead of treat me like Big Name Free Agent #540. I don’t mean that people aren’t trying, but I’m enough different from the usual guy that I take getting used to.


I am not going to Chicago after the stunt Kibbie’s nephew (cousin? stepbrother?) pulled. I wrote him an article based on what he said and then he published it when it was a lie. He also offered me lots of millions of dollars. Maybe he can’t read.


Heard from Wichita. Best. Clause. Ever.


Turns out Chicago is broke.


Also turns out I owe the bank over $3M.

One Response to “Free Agency – Update Three – Let me hear it”

  1. Luebke Says:

    Even if Florida paid Rose the max for each incentive, the accomplishments would heavily outweigh what it does to the balance sheet.

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