Free Agency – Update Zero – In the beginning …

Staring at the beginning.  I’m a FA.  I have permission to discuss my future with anyone who cares.  And I’ve told people that I’m not prepared to start seriously talking until after end-of-season awards.  The reason I solicited Pancakes permission to talk to people was that I just wanted to be able to have casual conversation about free agency without having to do any verbal gymnastics to stay on the right side of the tampering rules.

So I’ve got some ideas in mind but I don’t know how coherent they are yet.

I will not be a Lynx.  Really.  I don’t want to work out of the bullpen and Wandy is loyal enough to his pitchers that the only place he’d be able to find for me would be in the pen. He didn’t say that, but he did say that Lancaster wasn’t interested in me.  One can draw one’s own conclusions.

The Threshers want me.  Bad.  I’m hearing all kinds of promises in the dark from Martin but the truth is, to my mind they’re second tier in who I’m considering.  He doesn’t communicates with me on an ongoing basis.  But now it’s like he thinks we’re best buds.  I really have reservations for playing for a GM whose door isn’t always open.

I’ve talked to the Eugling half of Myrtle Beach.  And Bakic in LV and Chandler in Corpus.

What I’m telling people is that I want to wait and see what happens with a couple other guys.  I want to see where Thunder ends up because, although I might not follow him to whatever team, I’d prefer to not be too far away.  I want to share leaderboards with him so I can easily track how I’m outperforming him while he robs me of another CYA.


Okay, the heart of the matter. What am I looking for?

If you know me, then you know.  And if you don’t, I might not want to play for you because you didn’t care enough to find out.  But to lay it out for eveyrone.  I don’t care so much about my salary–I have a website business.   I do, however, care about incentives.  Not how much each one is–there again, I have money.   But I want to get a little monetary recognition for what I do on the mound.  I still have a sore spot about pitching my first no-no and getting nothing in my pocket.  I didn’t want millions, but just a little anything.  If you can think of a monetary incentive appropriate for a pitcher, then I want it.  And if I can think of one and you can’t, I still want it.


I’ll update this with new information and my thoughts as time goes on.

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