Lynx to the past

We should know our past and draw strength from it.  I think Maya Angelou said that but I didn’t find it on her website.  Part of who I am and my strengh of purpose comes from where I’ve been in the past and what experiences I’ve had throughout my life.

So the batboy battle is over. And I won.  In keeping with the fact that I’m not a sore winner, I didn’t run right over here to post about it and sing and dance and whatever.   I won, that’s it game over.

Except that that means that Thunder lost.  Now for me, the Lynx are just another team that didn’t sign me or even express any interest when I was a rookie first expressing interest in joining the league.   But Thunder has a past with the organization and a passionate desire to see them lose their status as “the team to beat”.   That’s why he came to San Francisco, that’s why he took a pay cut so I could come here.  And we have a chance to eliminate the Lynx from the championship conversation.

Can we do it?  That remains to be seen.  It turns out that Pancakes had a prolonged slump to start off the season.  He looks okay now and his five-hit shutout of the Threshers was a masterpiece.  But from game to game, you don’t know which Pancakes you’ll get, Strawberry or raspberry.

And this uncertainty has been tough on the hitters too.  Not that they shouldn’t go out there and try to hit every game, but when you let up runs for the other side, you make their job harder.  And the truth is, our hitters aren’t the best in the league, so it’s up to those of us on the mound to hold the other guys down with extreme prejudice.   Our guys can usually be counted on to get at least one or two runs.  It’s our job as pitchers to make that stand up.

If we get the good pancakes, we have a legitimate chance to advance to the championship series.  But the Lancaster offense is very tough and if any of us makes a mistake, it will cost us.  So all we have to do is make no mistake.

Easier to say than to do.

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