Immortal … again

I’m gonna go up there and I’m gonna win.
Yeah, he beat me twice—he won’t do it again
They say he’s immortal. I know that he’s not
I know I can beat him—just give me a shot.

I wrote that in 2010. At the end of 2011, I did get my shot in a game that saw New Jersey become EPL champions. Well, as someone put it, it’s deja vu all over again, only this time it’s who’s on the leaderboards and well, my name isn’t quite at the top. Instead there’s this guy named Kaell Elessedil. You see where this is going….

I am going to put my name above his. Simple enough. I want to be #lower-than-Kaell on the major leaderboards. When they show the little graphic on Game of the Week where they list the pitchers with the most wins or the lowest ERAs, I want to be there at #1 with Kaell at #something-higher. I don’t want to quantify it because it doesn’t really matter. If I’m the best and he’s part of the rest, that’s what counts.

I guess part of what has me all fired up is our losing streak. No names no numbers no nothing. Just want to say it will end. It’s not really a streak until you lose three. Then each game becomes magnified. Especially if it’s your start because you know you’re supposed to be the “stopper” and that you’re supposed to end it. And when it doesn’t end, you feel responsible, even thought it’s a team effort and there were other guys who may have stumbled.

Back to the subject…

Kaell may be up there, his name at the top
But my name is rising and his will soon drop
I wanna make certain that everyone knows
There will come a day when Kaell falls to Rose

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