What rhymes with “Ducks”?

I’ve written a song for the Ducks. I didn’t mean to–it started off with my wondering if there’s a polite work that rhymes with “ducks”. Well, there are. Bucks, clucks, flux, shucks, tux, deluxe, influx and loosely, deducts and other -ducts words. Deluxe maybe. Or “a million bucks.” Nah, nothing useful.

Okay, what about “killer”? And well, “thriller” is a good baseball word as well as rhyming. So I got going–“we are ducks and we are killer / every ballgame is a thriller” I didn’t like where that was headed. Short lines like that are hard to keep up for any length. So I thought about an aabccb scheme and so I came up with a next line, “just look at all the players on our team.” Oops. There are lots of words that rhyme with “team” but the only good words are “seem” and “dream”. So I cheated and looked at an online rhyming dictionary. “Supreme” was the number one answer as in “reign supreme” and I was off to the races.

That’s how I do it. I think of a phrase and make it “fit” the rhythm then find something to rhyme with it. “We’re not gonna yield” became “we are never going to yield” which rhymes with “field” and, well, “da-da-DA-da da-da-field” becomes “at the plate or in the field” and that’s the first couplet to a verse.

Next think I knew, I had three verses and the bones of a fourth. “We have Thunder, Pancakes, Rose…” and rhyming it with “pros” but not making it work. So I did something else for awhile and came back to it. Nothing useful rhymes with “Pancakes” or “Strawberry” or “Johnson”. But “wonder” rhymes with “Thunder” and I knew I had something.

It wasn’t “right” right away. It took a couple days to make stuff work. But I think it’s good enough now to share it.

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