Every home game starts the same way. You warm up in the pen, you take your warmup pitches on the mound, the umpire says “Play ball!” and you face your first hitter and try to get him out.

The idea is you get the hitter out and you do it 27 times. And while you’re catching a breather between every three outs, your guys are putting up a few runs for you.

Sometimes you have bad outings where in between the outs you give up lots of runs. Sometimes you have good outings, when in between the outs, you only give up one or two. Sometimes you have great outings where you don’t give up any runs at all. And sometimes, it’s even better.

Tonight, I was even better than better. I was perfect. I had help from the glove-men and my partner behind the dish. And it was only Myrtle Beach. But I was the guy who got it done.

When the guys started to notice, they started leaving me to myself. Not talking to me in the dugout or even being near me. Even Tint didn’t talk to me when I shook him off twice during Dante Alexander’s third AB in the seventh. He just put down different fingers. It was kind of creepy, actually. Like when I pitched the no-no in ’09.

People always ask, “when did you know?” and I have to honestly say two things. I didn’t *know* till the last strikeout. But I always strive for that starting out. Until you let someone reach base, you have a perfecto. Until someone gets a hit, you have a no-no and until they take you out, you have a complete game.

Every game, I go out there and try to be perfect. And tonight it worked. Simple as that.

Everything came up zeros.

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