No shame

There is no shame in losing a game 1-0 to Marcus Chiang. Especially a 5-hitter. And, don’t misunderstand this, but especially when the run was unearned.  Chiang was always a good but underrated pitcher, even back in the days when we were together in New Jersey.

I wasn’t happy to lose. But it wasn’t a bad loss. It wasn’t a loss where I would like myself in the mirror and say, “Ryan, you screwed up.” Because I didn’t screw up.

And then, next time out, we rocked the Soul. And I pitched less well, but got the win. So it evens out. This was a 5-hitter, too, but one of those hits went a l-o-n-g way and they scored three earnies on me. Or off me. Take your pick. I struck out more of them, though.

3 runs is a so-called “quality start” even though it puts your ERA up where it doesn’t belong. Well, I don’t mean mine–1.59 is quite good and I’m not complaining. What I mean is if you routinely have these type of allegedly “quality” starts your ERA will be high.

Everyone was right. I did feel better once I took the ball again in a real game. And even losing to Chiang, I came out with a 0 ERA. I felt a little twinge beating my old teammates in my second game but, guys, it’s baseball. You do your job and that means beating the other guys.

Have you ever seen those season predictions based on what you’ve done so far into the season? Well, mine are a total joke. 23-23 with a 1.59 ERA and 648 Ks. If I lose 23 games, I’ll retire. And there is no way I’ll see that many strikeouts.

But I’m looking good so far.  I just need to keep it up.

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