What I hate

What I hate most about spring training is how inadequate I feel the first time I pitch to hitters after spending the off-season pitching to no one. I know it’s spring training and I know you’re supposed to be knocking the rust out and I know there will be rust. But the knowledge doesn’t really help

What I hate about women is that they’re illogical. Now, I’m not sexist. It’s just that I experience women in different way than I experience men. It’s entirely possible that men have the same or equivalent problems. I just don’t see it. Endless talk about all the options one *could* do. Pick one and be done with it.

What I hate about shopping is no one wants to work when there are a lot of shoppers in the store. Doesn’t matter if it’s the corner store, the grocery store, the department store, the sporting goods store. It’s all the same. The more customers there are waiting to check out, the fewer registers are open. Maybe the people who would normally work are out shopping, too. Who knows.

What I hate about pitching. When the ball doesn’t go where you intend it to go. Doesn’t matter if it comes in for a strike–if I want it on the hands, that’s where I want it. If I want it low and outside, then it needs to go there.

What I hate about drinking. Oh, sure, it feels good. But the next day, you feel like total crap. You look in the mirror and you look like hell. Your head feels like a construction crew is rebuilding it and your mouth is like someone stuffed it full of lint. I could go on listing all the parts that don’t work or feel right but I think this sort of thing is common enough that I shouldn’t have to.

I hate towels that don’t dry enough.  A good towel should be able to dry an average 6′ man with some spots left over for long hair if he happens to have it.   It’s not about size, it’s about absorption.   Towels should absorb.

And I hate food that calls itself “garlic” and doesn’t hardly have any.  If I want garlic fries, I want “GARLIC fries”.   Same for GARLIC Parmesan wings.   They usually get GARLIC bread right.

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