I wasn’t expecting anything special. I was pitching against Toronto and their #3 starter, Jason Hebert. I got in the groove early, striking out the side in the first inning to kind of set a tone for the game. And then the boys put up three runs in the bottom of the inning so I knew we were firing on all cylinders.

I don’t know if any of you remember my blog about goals. But my previous goal had been to beat Kaell. Nothing fancy, just face him and let up fewer runs than he did. And since every other time we’d met, he let up zero, well, you can see why I thought it was a worthy goal.

Beat him I did. In the biggest game of my career. And then I needed to look for my next mountain. So I talked to Achilles. From my blog:

And he gave me one. 300 Ks in 2012. And 20 K in one game. He said those are achievable yet challenging goals. So that’s what I’m trying for now.

It took me four years to accomplish 300 strikeouts. But I’m going to repeat that this year. And it took me another six months beyond that, but I am now the record holder for strikeouts in a game. 20. A couple guys did it in MLB but I’m the first one in EPL. Previously, Thunder had 19. And my best was 18 before tonight.

So now I’m back to the question. What do you do when you achieve your goals?

It has been suggested that I strive for 500 strikeouts in a season. I think a better idea would be for me to quietly pile up strikeouts and become the EPL career leader. It’ll take awhile, even at the rate of 400k/season that I get in the 4-man rotation. But it’ll be worth achieving. I would be the strikeout king. Like that other Ryan in the other league

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