…or maybe not

I am Player of the Week in the Hank Aaron Conference. Thunder is Player of the Week in the Babe Ruth Conference. I pitched two three-hitters and he pitched a 3-hitter and a 2-hitter. So he gave up one fewer hit. I walked one in each came and he walked nobody so he also gave up two fewer walks. On the other hand, I struck out 28 batters to his 25.

If he had still been in New Jersey, I don’t know who would have won. But I’m glad I’m the winner. It helps to demonstrate that I’m an important part of the Soul rotation. It’s not about the award–it’s about what it represents. It shows that I did my job better last week than anyone else in my conference. And when I’m doing my job, the Soul win games. And that is how you become champions. Winning games.

In other news, Boomer says I need a new nickname. He asked me what kind of name “Iker” was anyway and why no one called me that anymore. So I told him the story about how I got the nickname before I could talk. I’m kinda glad no one is calling me that anymore. It’s mostly now “Ryan” or “Rose” or the both of them together.

I don’t know if I need a nickname. But guys seem to have them. Thunder has one, Nutter has one — hell, everyone calls him by it. I suppose I could go by my initials like JT and TJ do. “RR” though sounds like a puppy with his mouth full.

Nicknames really should be chosen for you. So maybe I’m just going through a stretch where I don’t have one but someone will slap one on me at some point. I think that Boomer is right, “Iker” no longer fits.

Any of you readers have an idea, I’d like to hear it. (Actually, Boomer would like to hear it.) If it’s bad enough, he’ll probably start calling me by it.

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