I miss Thunder

Yes, you read that correctly. No, I’m not drunk or high or both. But I can explain.

I didn’t miss him at all when I left New Jersey. I was kinda glad to get some distance from him. No, we don’t hate each other. But we’re not best buddies either.

Even when I came to Nashville, we were in the same conference. We saw each other a few times a year and we battled for the same spots on the same leaderboards.

But now it’s different. He’s in San Francisco. In the Babe Ruth. It’s not just that we don’t face the Ducks very often but also the fact that we’re on separate leaderboards. In some categories I have no serious competition so long as I stay healthy. I had thought I’d like that. I mean, being the best is pretty good.

But the truth is, when there’s no one up there with you, the numbers don’t mean so much. For example, who cares if I have 60 or 65 K if the next guy only has 53? It turns out Thunder has 63. So it would matter if he were still in our conference.

Now, no, I’m not the best in the conference at everything. But I’m right up there. And all-around, I’m doing the best. Besides having the highest number of strikeouts, I have the lowest ERA and WHIP. I have the most complete games and shutouts in the conference, too, but if Thunder were here, we’d be tied.

I don’t plan on slacking but I am concerned that by the end of the season, my numbers will be less than they otherwise would have been. I mean, I tell myself each game that I’m going to go out there and dominate but will I really? I know the game isn’t about individual stats, but when you put together a team of individuals, their stats do matter. A team made up of better individuals is a better team.

I’m afraid though that without that individual competition I won’t do as well. The only thing we can do though is play the games and see what happens.

It turns out some of out guys may have juiced and Skip may have known about it.  I guess I’m a bad co-captain not to know about this till it was over.

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