They call it juice.  Sounds like something that’s good for you, that has vitamins and minerals and will help make you healthier.   Only this juice is different.  It may make you perform better but it eats you up from the inside.

I know you’ve heard the story about half the clubhouse being juiced.  I’ve heard some names but as far as i know, all these guys are clean.  I, as a player on this team and a co-captain have not seen any evidence of any use of steroids by anyone on this team.   I have heard that there has been improvement that can’t be explained by “natural means”.   That’s not proof.

I’m not part of the committee.   Why should I be?  I’m probably under suspicion for being a juicer, too. I’ve been in this organization for a couple of years now and I trust Skip and I believe his name will be cleared.   I think if they were going to lynch him, they’d’ve done it by now instead of having a prolonged “investigation”.

But Skip resigned anyway.  He said his name is tarnished forever and also he no longer holds several league members in trust and esteem.  Basically, the whole experience is bad enough that he just wants away from it.   I hope at some point after  his name is cleared, he may change his mind and return.  Maybe not as our skipper but in some capacity.

Pancakes is going to leave, too.   There goes Strawberry Rose.   I had thought we’d found something on this team but apparently I was very mistaken.   I guess this is a “live and learn” situation.

Others have expressed interest in leaving.   One of our infielders is going to retire, though to be fair, one rumor has him as being juiced.   I think if people thought I was juicing I’d seriously consider retirement.  But I have an outstanding loan so retirement is not an option available to me.

Back to juice.  If anyone doesn’t think it wrecks teams and ruins lives, just look at our clubhouse.  And no one’s even proven anything.

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