Strawberry Rose

The beginning of 2014, when I first came to Nashville, Freddy Bloom suggested we start a band. This idea came out of a conversation we had about my old band, Hypnophobia, that was made up of myself and my Nightmares teammates. We were going to call it Full Count. I would be guitar, he would be drums and we’d find a couple other guys.

Only that’s not how it went down. Paulson plays a decent bass, so he’s in. But Pancakes blew me away the first time I heard him on the drums. Don’t get me wrong. Boomer ain’t bad–it’s just that Pancakes is significantly better. So Boomer and I had a fight, Pancakes and Paulson and I decided to do this and we changed the name to Strawberry Rose. And our new catcher (Boomer’s now a DH) Leftwich can really put the fingers down on the keyboards, too.

Strawberry Rose logo

One of the things about Hypnophobia is that we were limited by AAB’s harmonica. The blues sound was nice and all, but we didn’t really have a range. With this makeup, Strawberry Rose will be able to cover more ground and to have a more diverse repertoire than Hypnophobia had. I’m excited about this.  Of course the first song we’re recording is “Soul of the People”

And we’re bringing Boomer on board. He’s going to serve as our manager. He was kinda sore about the drums thing, but even he had to admit that Pancakes is better. And I’m happy about it too because being the manager, even for a band that only has a few gigs a year is extra work that I don’t need.

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