Money money money mo-ney

I just signed a six year deal with Nashville. I get a raise to $15M/year but I have fewer incentives. I don’t screw around with crap like if my ERA is less than 4. When I was a kid, I had a hard time keeping it there but I should be less than three or I shouldn’t be anchoring the staff. And strikeouts. If I’m not striking out 250 guys then I’m either hurt or slacking. In either case I’m not helping the team so I shouldnt’ get paid.

I still get paid if I happen to throw another no-no. This goes back to my rookie year with New Jersey. I didn’t know any better and I signed a contract that didn’t have anything for elite performances like that. So I got nothing. And when it came time to hand out incentive money, I didn’t get a little anything. I was disappointed. No, this isn’t meant to trash Achilles or the Nightmares. But I’d’ve really appreciated a token something. A fruit basket or a honey-baked ham even. Just something to let me know that my effort was appreciated.

The biggest change is the clause about checking my progress. I’ve progressed already, I don’t need to check that. That’s something though that’s been in my last few contracts. I think it’s become unnecessary. I mean, here’s how the meeting would go:

“Hey Skip.”


“Still your ace, right?”


“Okay, talk to you later.”

Which is to say there isn’t much to be said. Sure, we could talk about my last game or something but we’d do that anyway without a clause. Like the time I Ked 18 Firebirds. He was right there to tell me I’d pitched a good game.

The other major change is that PRS Promotions (that’s me) will maintain a website for the Soul for free for the duration of the contract. Though I’ll probably let Paige do it. She’s quicker at getting stuff done and if she thinks a design change needs to be made, she doesn’t screw around and ask 8 people, she just does it.

The reason I did all of this is that I want to buy a team and I’ll need to take out a loan for a part of it. And to write a loan, I have to have 4 years of guaranteed income. Now I do. Shortly I’ll be speaking with team management about it.

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