It’s the third beginning of the season. The first was in April. 162 games, four teams and whoever wins the most wins the division. But the runner-up advances too. And that’s the second beginning. Two teams, four games. And we’re ready for our third beginning. And, like the second, it’s two teams, four games. Whoever gets to four heads for the fourth beginning. Two teams, four games, one championship. And it’s the championship that we all want.

I feel good about our chances. During the regular season, the Nightmares may have won more games, but our division was tougher.

And I get to start things off. It’s my responsibility to set the tone for us. I have the most strikeouts, but I’m not going to try to blow it past them every time. I trust my defense to convert groundballs into outs. And despite my griping about the Academy, they did teach me to keep it down. The season series between us was even at 6-6 and my record against Thunder is 1-1. From that perspective it looks like an even match. But my ERA is lower and I have more overall strikeouts as well as strikeouts per nine innings pitched. I hesitate to say that I’m the better pitcher but on paper…

I know we can do this. It might drag out, but we have what it takes to get it down. Our offense has been coming around and our pitching is always good.

We’ll finish off NJ.  And then, we begin again.

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