18, 17, 417 and other numbers of significance

18 and 17 – New York Firebirds hitters I struck out. 18 on July 21 and 17 two months later on September 21. I know the official EPL website lists any time you strike out 15 or more, but 18 is my career high and 17 is right up there. As for them being both against New York, well, I had seven starts against them, the most of any team. So it’s not unreasonable that I would have success against them since I was familiar with their lineup.

417 – total strikeouts for the 2015 season. This is due in part to us going to a 4-man rotation for part of the season. But, I also have the highest K/9 in the league at 12.91. So combine the rate at which I was throwing strikeouts with the increased number of starts and, well, there you go. I averaged. eleven and a half strikeouts per start. My worst start was against Brussels on May 7. I only lasted an inning and a third and so I only had two strikeouts. But I redeemed myself.

3 – number of PoM Awards I’ve won for the month of September. I have seven PoM awards, but I seem to do my best toward the end of the season. This time, I had an ERA of 0.83 for the month and struck out 71 hitters. I hope that my hot September carries over into the post-season in October.

2.01 – my ERA. Yup, just over two. It ties my career best but I pitched thirty more innings this season than last. Of course, when you’re striking guys out, they aren’t scoring runs against you.

And last but most important, 24 – other guys on the team. We won the division because of the work we did as a team. I would now have been able to achieve my numbers if they weren’t getting it done, too.

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