Lightning strikes twice

There’s a saying that lightning never strikes the same place twice. The truth, according to Coach Thomas, my high school physics teacher, is that it often strikes the same place twice because of the way lightning works. The same places tend to build up static charges during thunder storms and then that charge is neutralized with a lightning strike.

Lightning strikes twice on the mound, too. I did it again. I beat Thunder.  Opening Day.   And it was 50 cent beer night so we had a lot of fans show up. And they got treated to some good pitching on both sides.

It was all pitching with very little hitting going on till the 8th inning. Then MoPet Petit led off the 8th with a single. It was the first time we put the lead-off man on. Rieske pinch-Ked for Biff Webster. And I was thinking, here we go again. But Ghost Killer Weiman doubled, scoring MoPet. So I had a run! And then Shull singled him in and we had two runs!

But that’s as good as it got. I was pitching really well. I Ked 13. Of course that upped my pitch count and I had to let Swede finish it.

If you pitch like Swede and I did, then one’s enough. It’s nice to start off the year beating Thunder. He’s the best and when you can beat the best, you know you can beat the not-so-best, too.

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