So JT signed with Boston. It wasn’t because of any action or inaction on my part. I wrote him a song. Even sang it for him when he came down to tour Nashville. And we went everywhere. We saw the Grand Ole Opry House, the Parthenon, the Country Music Hall of Fame. And, of course, we spent some time at the Boombox. And I think it went well.

Our fans wrote letters to JT to encourage him to sign with us. And they wrote letters to our front office asking the team to give him whatever he wanted. Some fans even organized a charity drive. The idea was if you wanted JT to come to Nashville, you’d pledge money to the Mary Parrish Center.

But he didn’t. He went to play in Boston with former teammates Timmy Johnson and RJ Knight. And the truth is, I completely understand that. If Spaz, Night and Uzi were all in Boston (or anywhere else) and I were a free agent, I’d be there quicker than anything. Maybe we could revive the band.

People, mostly fans, complain about how baseball is played nowadays and how we’re all multi-millionaires and that we follow the money. Well, we don’t. I’m not here for the money and JT isn’t in Boston for the money. And we’re not alone. Ballplayers are individuals and we each play for our individual reasons. I’m here because it’s fun. Because I love throwing strike three, especially when the hitter stands there admiring it. There probably are guys here for the money. There aren’t a lot of situations where you can get paid for playing a game. But some of us are here to have fun. And for JT, that means reuniting with his old teammates.

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