L is the twelfth letter of the alphabet. When you see L on a t-shirt, it means “Large”. When you see L in a dictionary, it means “Latin”. But when you see L in a box score, it means “Loss” and for the first time this season, that L is next to my name.

Now I admit that it wasn’t my best pitching performance. But it wasn’t my worst one, either. I gave up four runs in eight and two-thirds innings pitched. Two of those runs came in the second and two in the third. Not good, but not very bad. My first start coming back from that tender shoulder, I gave up five runs. In only six and a third. That time, though, the guys were able to come back and win it. This time they only put up three. And even a kindergartener knows that three is less than four.

In a way, I’m kinda glad it’s over. When you have a streak, like when I went the 124 innings without giving up a longball, there’s always pressure to keep it going. This is separate from the issue of going out there and pitching your best. You try a little harder. You tell everyone that the streak isn’t important. But you know it is. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing here. I didn’t want to say anything to jinx the streak. Now that it’s over, I can write all I want to.

We put the band on hold. We’ve got bigger issues right now. Like winning games. We’re been struggling lately. Why is it that people always use that word to describe bad play as well as good play that isn’t quite good enough? We’ve been struggling in the second sense when we were swept by New Jersey. We only lost those games by one or two runs. We’re in the midst of a series with NY. These games may fall into the first sense of “struggle” as we lost the first two by four runs each. We play them again tonight. Pottsie against Beans McGraw, former Twister. On paper, it looks like New York has the favorable match-up but we play the game on the field. I’m going to be a spectator in this one, but our guys are good and they can get it done. We’re on a six-game skid. But all streaks come to an end. We need this one to end tonight.

New York is breathing down our necks right now. This will be one hell of a week for us. The season comes down to the final week and every game we play matters. It’s one thing to be playing games that matter in September–it’s another to be playing them in October. I’m not going to talk smack here–I think I outgrew that in COYBL. But we have a good team. We can get it done.

We’re the Soul of Nashville
And we know where it’s at

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