Strange but true

I matched up against Thunder for the first time in my career. And Thunder gave up 9 runs on 12 hits in 6+ innings. I pitched a complete game shutout. I gave up eleven hits and struck out only five. But the hits were scattered around so they didn’t really hurt me.

That is not at all what I expected it would be like. I expected it would be like me and Kaell. My pitching well but coming up short. Then when I eventually did beat Kaell, it was for all the marbles and I shut him out. This though… Thunder is a better pitcher than that and so on any given day, he should beat me. It wasn’t any given day, though. And so he was having a bad outing and I picked that day to do well. And, well, there ya go. Rose beats Thunder. Strange but true.

I also beat Las Vegas. After I no-hit them my first year up, I always think I should do well against them. This time I did. I struck out 11 and allowed only two earned runs. The unlucky loser was Carson Wheeler, who gave up six earnies in one plus innings of work.

But anyway, because of those two games, I was named the Hank Aaron conference Player of the Week for the first week of May. I also won the Pitcher of the Month award for April because of how well I pitched last month. I was concerned that I would lose a little something pitching for a different team, with a different coach and all. But it’s almost like I’m getting better.

Off the field I’ve talked to Pancakes and he’s in. Drums, bass, guitar and vocals. We’re ready. But there’s another guy I want to bring on board. He just needs coaxing. And we might go with a different name if he joins us. Chin Muzik is a great name for a band of pitchers and a catcher but we might be expanding beyond the battery.

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