Good. Better. Best.

So I’ve been improving in my four starts. I went from a ND to striking out 11 in a shutout of Lancaster.

Good. I gave up 3 runs in eight innings. Didn’t walk anybody and struck out 9. But I earned a ND. The boys won the game with four runs in the top of the thirteenth inning. I was long gone by then. But it’s all good. We won and I helped with that.

Better. In my next start, I gave up only one run, and that one was unearned. That was 8 innings of work. I didn’t give out any free passes and struck out 4. What makes this game better is is that I got my first W as a member of the Soul.

Even better. In my third start, I went eight innings and gave up only one unearned run. I struck out four and walked no one. And then Pepper came on in the ninth and got the save. That’s his 200th career save. I’m glad I could be part of that moment.

Best. I shut out Lancaster for nine innings with eleven strikeouts. I only gave up four hits. And three walks. I go three games without walking anyone, then I give up three here. Oh well, winning is what’s important. And even though I didn’t get the win, we did.

My ERA is 0.82. That leads the league. I’ve only won half my starts though. But if I keep pitching well, the wins will come. The important thing is that I kept the team in the game. We won all my starts. And three of four times I was named Player of the Game. So I have no doubt I’m getting it done.

Well, Boomer and I work well together. Nothing wrong with Superman, but I don’t seem to have to shake off Boomer too much. He seems to understand me and what I’m trying to do. That makes him easy to work with. That also means he’s not running out to the mound every third pitch to confer about what I’m thinking. I don’t like talking to catchers during the game if I don’t have to. If the catcher wants to talk, well there’s a regular parade of guys with bats he can chat up.

Superman is good at that. “Hi, how ya doin’?” And he’ll yammer away all the time the hitter is there. Telling jokes, asking questions about what’s going on in the hitter’s life. He knows about everybody. Which guys are friends with whom, if they’re married, what’s their wife’s name, what music they listen to, just all kinds of stuff. He knows our guys too. He’s great to talk to. He gave me a few leads on who to ask about the band. Now I didn’t tell him about the band so Boomer must’ve.

I like it here. I have a great feeling about this year. For me and for the team.

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