A new beginning

Good morning, New York!

I feel like I maybe should’ve said “no” earlier and oftener. I’m not in real bad shape though. See? I’m using the computer. Just like a normal person.

Pancakes had a party for us. Opening day is tomorrow and so last night was our last night to party. So we did. Some place called the Cheeta Club. That place was rockin. The women were hot, the music was good and, since it was Pancakes’ doin’s, the drinks were free. You can’t ask more than that from a party.

But you might get it. There was a band there, Weed Needle. Can’t say I’d’ heard of them, but someone tipped them off about Hypnophobia. Teague, their lead singer and manager asked me to sit in (Maybe Pancakes put him up to it?). So we did “Layla”. I think it went off okay. That’s how I met Cindy. I promised Cindy I’d mention her in my blog. I also promised Cindy that i wouldn’t say why.

Althought I’d poured a few back with some of the other guys in the organization, this was the first time we were all together at the same place. Turns out Boomer thinks he can sing, too. He pulled me aside after “Layla” and asked me why I was so special. I told him about Hypnophobia and how I used to sing and play guitar in the band. And he said he plays drums but hasn’t really done anything since he started getting paid to play ball. It never occurred to him that he could get the guys on the team to form a band. So now we’re gonna look around the clubhouse to see who else has a neglected musical background. We already named the band. Chin Muzik. Sounds good for a pitcher and a catcher.

And tomorrow is Opening Day. In New York. Against Garin Cisco and the Firebirds. I’ve beaten the Firebirds before. Heck, in 2010 I almost single-handedly carried NJ to the finals past the Firebirds.

But this is a new team backing me up in the field and at the plate. I hope I can do my job well enough so they can do theirs.

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