Looking forward, looking back

I’m packing up my stuff here in Atlantic City in preparation for my move to Nashville. And as I put things in boxes, I kept thinking about the good times I had with the Nightmares.

There was the no-no in 2009. It was my first full year up and I was at the bottom of the rotation. No one expected me to pitch a no-no. My rookie contract didn’t even have an incentive for it so I got fame but no fortune.

And 2010 where I was on fire in the post-season. I beat New York three times in seven games. That earned us the right to face Lancaster in the championship series. And the only game we won in that series was the game I pitched. So there’s some bad with the good, there.

In 2011, though, we got it done. And I got it done, too. I finally got a W against Kaell. And it happened in the biggest game of the biggest series. And it wasn’t just a win, it was a shutout. And we became league champions.

In 2012 came the contest for number one. And Thunder started off the year leading in most of the categories. Somewhere in there, I started passing him. By the time it was all over, he only led in a couple of categories. And so I was slotted as the ace for 2013. Turns out that Thunder pitched better in 2013. But there always has to be one better, one not quite so good. There’s no ties in baseball.

And I remember when I sued the EPL Pitching Academy. I had dropped $16M on a course they said would have me keeping the balls in. And that season I had the most homeruns of my career so it looked like I could’ve thrown that money down the toilet. But my suit was dismissed on a technicality.

And Achilles was always ready to point out how having more ground balls led to more DPs being turned behind me. I like Achilles. He knows his baseball and he understands how a team functions as more than the sum of its parts. How you can have a singles hitter slotted in a position that’s normally a source of power. If you find your power elsewhere.

And the band. We formed the band in 2010 and we were together for two years. And we took mostly metal tunes and did them slow and bluesy with Spaz’s harmonica defining our sound. And then we decided the band was taking our focus off our play. And so we decided to break up. But we’re still great friends.

There are a lot of great memories that I will always have of my time with the Nightmares.

But I’m going to make more memories in my new home. I’m getting a little place down in Nashville and I should be moved in in a couple of weeks. I cannot believe the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated. But I need to get it all settled in before we go down to Spring Training.

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  1. grdy Says:

    Welcome to town.

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