Five years, one hundred games

I won my 100th game the other night. It took me five years and 104 days to go from 1 to 100. I honestly don’t know how that compares to anyone else. It doesn’t seem that long ago though.

In that first game, I gave up one unearned run in eight innings. Compare that to my hundredth game, I gave up four runs, only one of which was earned, in eight innings. In between I’ve had two-hitters and three-hitters and once, a no-hitter. I’ve also had some pretty rough starts as well, giving up six, seven runs. But overall, I’ve pitched well more often than poorly. I’m 100-55. That’s a big separation between wins and losses.

I don’t know if it’s because I hit that magic 100 but I’ve heard from three more teams that are interested in signing me. New York, Philadelphia and Lancaster. I’ve already politely declined talking to the Lynx. I was talking to the Threshers but they don’t want to give me what I want. So that’s a “no” too.

That leaves NY and Nashville. I really like the idea that I’d make a difference in Nashville. I have a hard time believing that NY needs me. I think they’re viewing signing me as a defensive move to keep me off Nashville.

I thought about it and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to NY. I told them that and they wished me luck but offered to do me a contract offer just in case. I appreciate that. It shows me that they’re really interested in having me. For whatever reason. And I like the idea that I’m wanted. But I like the other things Nashville has to offer as well. It’s not just about being wanted.

One of the things I need to consider is the personalities of the various GMs. Not that I’m making a decision based solely on how well I get along with someone. If I were, I’d be in Lancaster. Since NJ doesn’t want me. In an ideal world (which this isn’t) I’d be staying put. But Steve Thiele, the Nashville GM, and I get along. Whereas I can’t say that about everyone.

I’m probably going to Nashville. At this point it would take something spectacular and unforeseen for me to change my mind.

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