Leaving New Jersey

By now everyone’s heard that I’m leaving New Jersey at the end of the season. And there’s speculation about why I would do that when I’ve pitched so well in my Nightmare career and neither I nor the organization seems to have any issues. At least none that were addressed in print.

Well, I’m here to address issues in print. I want to make certain that everyone knows what this is all about and why I’m walking away from $7 million a year plus incentives.

Why would I leave when I’m pitching decently? The answer isn’t in my pitching. The answer is in the Nightmares organization. My contract has a provision in it that Achilles will check with me to monitor my progress on a periodic basis. Well, that hasn’t been happening. It actually hasn’t been happening most of the season. I feel like I’m unwanted on the team even though if you ask Achilles, he’ll tell you he’d rather I be a Nightmare for life.

But when it comes down to it, he’s not following through on his commitment. He’s not checking with me. He’s barely got words for me when I do see him. And I feel alienated from him and the Nightmares.

All I wanted was a little attention. There’s nothing wrong with the rest of my contract. Although I pitched better last year, I’m not pitching poorly. So this is the only area where there’s a problem. I’ve given Achilles and the organization a chance to work this out. But I’ve gotten the cold shoulder. I think the words were that I was going to do what I was going to do.

Well so far Achilles has given the folks in Nashville the green light to talk to me. And I like what I see there. They’re a team that’s almost good enough. Were I there, I could make an immediate and positive impact on the team’s success. I like the idea of being a difference-maker. The best time of my career was in 2010 in the postseason. I carried the team on my back through the playoffs and won my only start in the finals. For that stretch, my pitching made a difference. The difference. Even though it wasn’t enough to win us the championship, it was a tremendous feeling to be that important to the team’s success. And the best single game of my career was not my no-no, but the championship game where I beat Kaell. Again, my pitching made the difference.

So far, no one else has been permitted to talk to me so I haven’t really fully explored what’s out there. But I don’t really think I need to. This may be it. I don’t know if I could find something more suited to me.

I guess we’ll see. We’ve still got baseball to play and another championship to win for New Jersey. First things, first.

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2 Responses to “Leaving New Jersey”

  1. grdy Says:

    Nashville roolz

  2. Phantom Says:

    Hurry up and leavve you whiner.

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