New beginnings

Opening Day. We played Nashville and beat them 14-4. I only gave up two of those runs and I struck out 10. And Spaz was 4-5 with a home run and 4 RBI so he was named player of the game.

And Opening Day marks the beginning of a new year with new possibilities. This year the Nightmares are going all the way. We came up short last year but we’ll do better. I know that the whole team feels that way. This year for sure. We were champions before, we will be champions again.

Our second series was in Cincinnati. I always like playing there because you can get Cincinnati chili. My favorite is Skyline Chili. They say it was the first Cincinnati chili and that it was invented by a Greek. You can get chili dogs anywhere, but not like these. I usually get four.

This year, there is no battle for number one. I don’t talk to Thunder very much but I get the strong feeling that he doesn’t like to lose and that next year he wants that #1 spot back. I completely understand. I had a better year, but he’s a better pitcher. He’s got a better resume than I do. He won the Cy twice to my once.

Thunder has been named an All-Star six times. He’s been named Pitcher of the Month nine times. The man is just phenomenal. I’m good but not as good as he is. I hope someday that I can be that good. Thunder is a year older than I am, but he’s more than year better. So it’ll take serious work on my part to achieve equality with him.But I’m not afraid of work. I practice. I work out. I work with Erik. I want to be that good.

And I want to be that good consistently. I don’t want to forever be the second half of “Thunder and Rose.” I want, someday, for people to say “Rose and Thunder” when they talk about us. I don’t know if it will happen, but it’s something to strive towards. Another Cy would be nice, but that’s not what I’m looking for. I wasn’t looking for this one, either. My goal is to be better than Thunder and it will take a few years to achieve it. But I’m sure I can do it if I keep working at it.

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