The most

I have the most wins in the conference. I have the lowest ERA. I’m am the most or the best in ten different leaderboards: Games Started, Innings Pitched, Wins, Complete Games, Shutouts, Quality Starts, ERA, Runners/9 IP, Opponet’s AVG, and WHIP. I’m in the top ten for Ks, K/9 IP and BABIP. So the numbers say I’m good.

Twice this season I was Player of the Week and once I was Pitcher of the Month. More evidence that I’m a good pitcher.

Well, the voters decided that, for this season I wasn’t just a good pitcher. I was the best in the Hank Aaron Conference. They awarded me the Cy Young Award.

I want to take a minute here to thank a couple of people who helped me on my way to winning this award. First, the fans. Without fans there is no pro baseball. Next I want to thank my pitching coach, Erik Hiljus. He helped me get to where I am. And I need to thank Achilles for having confidence in me, even when I was hitting rough spots. And most important, I want to thank Thunder Johnson. He gave me a reason to raise my pitching to the next level. I wasn’t trying to win any awards. I was just trying to be as good as Thunder.

I had a fantasic year. I struggled in the playoffs but so did the whole Nightmares team. You win as a team and you lose as a team. Even if they charge it to the pitcher. That’s baseball and you can’t win every game you start.

I plan on working out in the off-season to keep my edge. I want to start 2013 where I left off in 2012. I’m a champion. We’re a team of champions. Maybe not in 2012. But in 2013 and beyond, we can be champions again.

Nightmares in 2013! Believe it!

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One Response to “The most”

  1. Achilles Says:

    Congrats on winning the Cy Young, Rose. It was well deserved!!

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