Timmy and Mimi

2-for-21 in his last six games and hitless in his last four, Timmy Johnson saw that I was due to pitch on the 25th and wisely opted out. He said he’d average one home run every 15 AB. Well, Timmy, you don’t get at-bats sitting on the bench. Why don’t you try actually coming to the plate next time? I guess he’s afraid I’m gonna whiff him. In two of those last four, he struck out twice.

In the game against Wichita, I struck out ten. Including Keith Pierson twice. I only gave up one run and that was on an error. I pitched the who nine innings, too. There was no injury keeping Johnson out of the lineup. So it must have been something else. Fear and respect.

Alex “Mimi” Martin is leaving. He’s bound for Lancaster. We get Santana Gutierrez. I think it’s a great deal. If you’ll remember, Mimi stole the trophy after we won the championship and then failed to participate in the championship parade they held for us in Atlantic City. Mimi was all about Alex Martin and how he would’ve been on a pace to win a Cy Young. Well, gee, if I would’ve got my shit together I would’ve been on a pace to win a Cy. You go out and be the best you can be and sometimes it’s not good enough. That’s life and it’s not someone cheating you out of an award. The name on the award is Cy Young, not Mimi Martin.

And I had another good start too. Maybe I can make up for that horrible start in SF and get me one of those Mimis–er–Cys. I pitched the full nine innings without giving up a run so my ERA is now at 1.89 which leads the conference. I’m fourth in strikouts and tied for third in wins. I can improve these numbers.

We’ve won four in a row and eight of our last ten. I said we were a great team. And we’ve been going out there and showing that to the world. I’m proud to be a Nightmare. I’m proud to be a part of this team. We’re winners.Nightmares in 2012! Believe it!

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