Picking up where we left off

So I said I would go up there and break the pattern. When I took the mound in Lancaster none of our starters had won a game. The bullpen had won one, but that’s it. We were 1-5. And I was all about how I was going to go up there and snap that streak.

What I did was to start the pattern all over again with an extra-inning game. Only this time we lost. I threw 107 pitches in six and two thirds. I was getting behind in the count a lot and in general doing some sloppy pitching. And that’s not how to win games. I only managed to give up one run though and the guys tied it. So I knew when I hit the showers that I was getting a no-decision.

I know I could’ve pitched better. It’s Lancaster. I’ve beaten them before. Yes, I know they have some good hitters, but the biggest one, JT, has moved on. So that should make it easier. I guess not.

On the other hand, I had a great game against Cincy. There are games when you’re just on–where everything seems to click. And there I was on the mound and everything was clicking. I threw only 103 pitches. And I pitched the whole game. I even struck out eleven. It was a great outing for me. I only gave up two hits. Because I did so well, I was named the Player of the Game. So not only do I pick up my first win this year, but my first PoG, too.

I need to take a sec here and give props to Thunder. He did break the pattern and became the first of our starters to win a game. Against Boston he went eight and two thirds and only gave up one run on five hits. He was also named PoG.

We have a fine pitching staff. We just need to start winning games. It sucks having a losing record. It sucks being next-to-last in the conference. All of us need to do better. We need to get out there and play better baseball. I need to pitch all the time like I did this last game. I know we can win.

Nightmares in 2012! Believe it!

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