Well, that didn’t go very well

4.26 is a small number when you’re talking about dollars and cents. It’s a big number when you’re talking ERA for a starter. Now, I know it will go down. That number is a bullpen ERA. Inflated because of sample size. I had one outing for six and a third innings. I gave up three runs. Every one of them was earned though. So the ERA over four.

We’re in Lancaster now. And to say we haven’t done well is an understatement. It started off on Opening Day when we went into extras against Nashville. The guys put up three runs in the sixth and Thunder allowed only one. So then the Soul tie up in the ninth off Pepper. We managed to win that one though.

We didn’t manage to win any of the others. It wasn’t just me. It was Thunder getting out-pitched by McAuliffe. It was Martin losing to Lefty Blair. It was a lot of things. Achilles pointed out to me that none of our starters won. The good news is that there’s no way we’ll continue that pattern.

Tonight I’m going to break it. I’m going to go out there and beat Santana Gutierrez. Last time I pitched in Lancaster, I pitched the game of my life. I need to show everyone that it wasn’t a fluke. I mean, I know I’m good. The fact that there might be a better guy out there is immaterial. I, Ryan Rose, am a damned fine pitcher.

All our starters are good. Even Caine is good (I say “even”–he’s got the best ERA of any of us right now). Achilles has told me that he thinks he has five aces and that the order doesn’t matter. We just have to take turns is all.

Well, tonight’s my turn. And I’m gonna get it done.

Nightmares in 2012! Believe it!

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3 Responses to “Well, that didn’t go very well”

  1. Thunder Says:

    I couldn’t have done enough to win us a game we scored no runs. Blame that lame offense.

  2. ryanrose Says:

    You have a point. If they don’t put up runs then it doesn’t matter how well we do our job. I’m gonna trust that it was a fluke and that there will be runs for me. If that turns out to be wrong, well, I dunno. Any ideas?

  3. Achilles Says:

    how about you both chill for a second and realize that we are 12 games into a 162 game season and that the games you have problems with came on the road against lancaster. if you point fingers and name teammates, i will fine.

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