Getting started

Well, the season starts today. Spring training is done and it’s time to put all of our skills in practice once again. During the off-season I worked on a lot of different things. Time to see if any of the work pays off.

Someone wants me to do well. There was a case of soap sitting in front of my locker. I thought I’d kept that to myself. I believe it’s lucky to shower with a new bar of soap on the days I’m going to start. I don’t remember telling anyone though. Somehow someone found out. I think it’s kinda neat, actually. That someone pays that kind of attention.

I recently bought a new house. It took me awhile to find just the right one. But I want to spend all my time in Atlantic City, not just the season. So I figured I needed someplace to live. I got a good deal on a nice-sized house in a good part of town. It’s a little bigger than I was looking for, but hey, that means I can hold bigger parties.

So now it’s time to play baseball. There are a lot of cliches about dusing off cleats and oiling gloves and stuff but it all comes down to the same thing. The grass is green, the sun is shining and someone actually pays me to play baseball. I just gotta keep up my end of the deal by doing my job well.

The main thing though is that I go out and win tomorrow. And that we win our other games, too.Nightmares in 2012! Believe it!

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