Wanna bet?

I overheard Timmy Johnson telling a roomful of people that the best incentive ever would be to pay him $50k everytime he hit a home run off me. I politely reminded him (he should know this, we were on the same team) that I gave up exactly two all of last season. To which he replied that he could hit that many in one game.

I caught up with him later. He appeared to be fully sober, though with hitters you never can tell. He went all statgeek on me. He said that he figured he’d hit one home run in every 15 AB. And he figured that I would strike him out at the rate of 1.5 Ks per game. Now, Achilles also runs a casino, in addition to being the best GM in the EPL. So I took the numbers to him and asked him what it meant and is there a way I bet on this? Because, let’s face it, I’ll whiff him three times in a game before he takes me downtown twice in a game. He said he could make it into two lines and folks could bet over/under on them.

So now, if you go to Achilles’ casino, you can put money down on me and Timmy. I, of course, was the first person there when they opened. Timmy may have started this with what he said. But I’m going to end it. On the mound.

One Response to “Wanna bet?”

  1. Achilles Says:

    Thanks for the plug and the kind words Ryan! Of course any sane gambler would take the under on the home run one and the over on the strikeout line.

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